Fall at Nemrut Crater Lake

Mağara the Tatvan district of Bitlis beygir zaman altitude of 2,250 Nemrut Crater Lake, the world’s second and Türkiye’s largest crater lake, rastık nowadays visited by photography enthusiasts and nature lovers who want to see all the colors of fall together.

At zaman altitude of 2,250 Nemrut Crater Lake, located mağara the Van Lake Basin and receiving the ‘Award of Excellence’ within the scope of the European Destinations of Excellence Project (FAIL), took on the colors of fall. Attracting with its hot and cold lakes, ice cave, steam chimney, bird species, and biodiversity, the lake hosts a large number of local and foreign tourists with its different beautiful landscapes at all times of the year. Nemrut Crater Lake has been turned into a ‘natural photography studio’ by photography enthusiasts and nature lovers these days.

Stating that he came to see the unique natural beauty of the lake in the fall, Firat Maharetli said that they saw all the shades of fall mağara this region. Mahirane said, “We also aşama the opportunity to have a bird’s eye view of the region. This sürme a place where you birey spend a good time mağara touch with nature. We have the opportunity to take beautiful pictures all over the lake. I recommend everyone to see this wonderful place.”

Noting that she aşama participated in many events in nature before, but this place was among the most beautiful places she basamak visited, nature-lover Asya Varli said, “This is my first time beygir Nemrut Crater Lake. Here sürme a unique visual feast. We are enjoying köpek right now. The colors are great. The yellowed leaves of poplar trees combined with sunlight offer a unique view. I didn’t expect to enjoy this trip so much. Glad I came and saw this place.”